Welcome to the professional crossroads of Doug and Sarah Haag.
Rhythmwood Drive LLC is the hub for our music products and services. We offer:

  • Booking services for Doug Haag Music, Stix Together, and solo appearances by Doug or Sarah Haag
  • Networking assistance (if you need help booking live music, we're happy to connect you with our industry colleagues)
  • Recording & backline/touring for drums, percussion, marimba, hammered dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and vocals
  • Music programs for the holidays, community outreach, and educational assemblies
  • Mail rental services for hammered dulcimer players (hammer bundles to try at home)
  • Songwriting (Doug Haag Music)

stix starter project

December 1 - January 31

Rallying our local music scene while funding the launch of "Stix Together"

PAY WHAT YOU CAN PRICING - for all live music pre-paid bookings through 1/31/24 (live music for all!)

10% OFF ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR LIVE SHOWS - 1, 2, or 4 monthly live music sets from our solo and duo options ...our best deal ever for local live music!

LIVESTREAMS & ONLINE CHATS - Acoustic guitar with Doug, chats with fans, and a return of Mellow Marimba streams!

ADVERTISING & PARTNERSHIP - Through tips, bookings, sponsorships, and input, you'll be a VIP to the development & launch of our new band "Stix Together" and get access to supporter rewards as we hit our goals!


We are committed to bringing music to Whitley County, the greater region, and across the United States as we grow. In tandem, we are restarting our livestreaming to serve those who may not be able to attend a live show or want to be part of our online fan family. All financial goals outlined are to cover EXPENSES - we do not profit on anything from at least the first $6200 generated (and likely much more than that)! Our planned activities just within the STIX STARTER 2-month timeframe includes:

**Developing ideas for Stix Together as a band that will include marimba, hammered dulcimer, percussion, and other instruments as we collaborate with musicians (This band will likely play 80s-current pop/rock covers with the hopes of creating original work in the future. The heart of the band is friendship, fun, and community-building.) Development includes proper branding, merch inventory, business activities, and work on the music itself.

**Creating a Facebook page and group to gather and organize other local musicians for support, collaboration, and an online resource for Whitley County to discover live music.

**Making our live work accessible to any budget with the help of tips, sponsorships, and advertising (your support makes the “pay what you can” and subscription options possible!)

**Attending the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) conference in New York City to gather industry knowledge and network with artists, presenters, and industry experts (we can then bring this back to the community and share to grow our economy and music ecology together!)

**Investing in necessities to move forward such as a new PA system, restocking inventory for a hammered dulcimer service no one else offers, and mentorship in areas such as vocal coaching, music engineering education, etc.

Your support of this work is critical for its success and we look forward to thanking you in meaningful ways through merch perks (for fans), logo placement and advertising (for sponsor business partners), and genuine personal engagement with our fan family! Email info@rhythmwooddrive.com to start a conversation about sponsorship or tip online through PayPal or Venmo.

Our normal local rates run between $300-$1000 depending on the services. We want all business / venues to have access to us regardless of budget to help boost the local economy as we enter 2024. When you schedule a show with us and pay in full before 1/31/24 you pay what you choose. If your business is able to pay more, we'll happily give you some advertising during our live shows and online postings!
**Shows can be scheduled after 1/31/24 but must be completed by the end of 2024.
**No refunds (but we will reschedule if needed).
**Weddings/receptions excluded (your special day deserves its own agreement and expectations).
**If we need to travel further than 20 miles, you will be responsible for our gas, food, and overnight accomodations if necessary.

We're introducing a low-cost option for local businesses to have live music regularly! Subscribers will enjoy 1, 2, or 4 sets (60-90 minutes long) of live music from Doug or Sarah on a monthly basis (scheduling based on your business's hours and our availability).
**Fridays - Sundays and special events are excluded from this offer due to its low cost (we need to charge full rates for those days - but will offer you a discount on that as a subscriber!).
**No refunds (by paying up front in full you get insanely low rates and are investing in the live music ecology)
**Full subscription pricing/options available in chart below, but the 10% savings through 1/31/24 are:
1 SHOW MONTHLY - $1,350 (normally $1,500)… $112.50 per show!
2 SHOWS MONTHLY - $2,160 (normally $2,400)… $90 per show!
4 SHOWS MONTHLY - $3,780 (normally $4,200)… a ridiculously low $78.75 per show!


Book once, music covered all year!

12-48 shows annually from 3 unique instrumentations

Want live music at great rates and no hassle? Choose one of the subscription packages and get 60-90 minutes of live music on a regular basis! Email info@rhythmwooddrive.com to get started.

Live music subscription services are valid only for:
** Whitley Co. businesses/venues or those within a 20-mile distance (contact us for distance outside Whitley Co.)
** Off-peak booking days (to accomodate low rates)… Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are excluded
** Days/times arranged on a monthly basis between Rhythmwood Drive and client (subject to your business hours and our availability)
** Normal business operations (festivals and special events may be subject to full-rate pricing)

Additional agreements:
** Generally sets will not roll over and accumulate from one month to another (discuss vacations, extended inavailability in advance)
** Non-annual subscriptions must run at least 6 months or full-rates will apply
** No refunds (reschedules welcome)
** Limited number of subscriptions available, waitlist may be introduced as needed


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