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New digital single with the Ted Yoder Band out now - Linus and Lucy! Check it out on all major streaming platforms (search "Ted Yoder" and look for the new release!) or see the music video below!


Rhythmwood Drive
inspired percussion

Doug and Sarah met while in high school at a music competition. Now married, these two march to the beat of their own drum. Doug lays down the groove with his cajon (a strikingly simple wooden box), udu, and world-class shakers while Sarah's marimba and hammered dulcimer add melodic color and pure fun to their shows. This 2018 Hit Like a Girl Contest Champion and National Hammer Dulcimer Championship Finalist wants you to experience marimba and dulcimer in ways you never expected, all with the rhythmic creativity of Doug's hand percussion.

Since 2019, Rhythmwood Drive has been performing almost exclusively as part of the Ted Yoder Band. This website will focus on any separate endeavors, hammer rentals, and Doug's songwriting. Welcome to the online home of the Haags and their music journey!

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