Why it's not "just a game" (and why you should just go for it)

Yes, I stayed up late last night to watch the Cubs' epic victory and the end of 108 years of fans having to say "there's always next year." I'm not really a Cubs fan. In fact I married into a generational St. Louis Cardinals family so it could be relational suicide for me to sport any Cubs attire! However, last night I'd be willing to gamble that most people watching the game were hoping the Cubs would do it. I watched my Facebook newsfeed explode with all kinds of celebratory comments overnight. Then came some heavier ones this morning: the ones about wishing how so-and-so could have seen it or how they must certainly be smiling from heaven knowing that the streak has finally been broken. All the emotion got me really thinking and I realized that we - maybe all of humanity or just us as a western culture, not sure - have trivialized some of the intangibles. Myself included.

How often do we say "It's just a game!" (or, it's just a movie, book, song, whatever "it" is)...No. It's not. It's a realm in the universe that gets people emotionally (even spiritually?) connected. How many of you sat with loved ones in front of your TV or at a bar watching the game last night? Or maybe you were like me: alone (at least until Doug came home during the 8th) but on social media all night commenting with friends because we were all SO tied up in it that we HAD to share with someone!  I'm just starting to realize that anything that brings people together for good is worth more than face value. It's a shared experience that we now forever hold in our memories. It reminded us that there's more to life than the daily grind and a really awful election coming up.

The significance of this hits home for me personally because I let myself believe for a long time that music was just a nice-to-have. I mean, as a musician in college I wasn't learning how to save lives or dig wells in 3rd world countries or anything. I accepted a mentality that while God gave me musical talent that it wasn't worth enough to pursue as more than a once-a-week chance playing in my worship team. I bet many of you have hidden talents that you feel the same way about. What do you do well that you enjoy? What value have you put on it? What if any of these Cubs (or Indians) players had just thought baseball was a fun hobby - if they didn't go all in with every ounce of passion they had the world would be a sadder place this morning. How many people connected last night over a good meal? How many marriage proposals happened? How many fathers and sons watched a historic game that will forever be part of their dearest memories together? These are NOT trivial things.

Thanks to some awesome books and great pastoral leadership I'm realizing that RELATIONSHIP is critically valuable. It IS life-saving. Jesus only made disciples by forming relationships with them. He desires relationship with us and then he wants us to go make disciples too. The only way to do that is by building relationships. That makes the intangibles priceless. What priceless treasures do you have hidden in your life that need to be dusted off and brought out to share? Go write that book, go watch that movie together, go play the music or paint the picture. Go with some friends to a game - and DON'T feel guilty about spending money on the tickets! It's NOT JUST A GAME.

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