A Bit of our History (Anniversary Reminiscing)

If you're interested in our background here's a fun blog post for you! On 6/12 we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary (yay us!)...but we've been together much longer than that:

Our wedding was in 2004 but we started a relationship in early 1999. We met at a music competition and secretly tried to impress each other with our playing...it worked apparently. We dated while Doug spent his freshman year at Ball State and I finished my senior year of high school. I had already decided to go to Ball State before we were serious but it sure gave us something to look forward to. Doug proposed the summer after I graduated high school (2000) but we chose to wait on setting a wedding date until after we were out of college. We both changed a lot during that time and thankfully we held onto each other during those changes instead of pushing each other away. It was a long time coming but when we finally got married life changed on several fronts! In less than a 2-week window I graduated, got married, moved, and started a new job! It's a good thing I don't mind change!

In our 18 years of knowing each other we've collected some pretty epic memories! Here's a few highlights...



This is probably one of the first pictures we have together: my junior prom in April 1999! 


This is a year later: my senior prom in 2000 (and my favorite dress!)


These two are from college years (likely not the same year in both, but I can't remember!)...I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures during this time and these two are a couple of rare treasures. We both marched snare and Doug was co-captain his senior year.


Our wedding (obviously)...that cake was AWESOME - I told my baker that I wanted buttercream that looked like fondant and boy did she deliver! It looked and tasted GREAT!


Our honeymoon was split between Chicago and St. Louis (Doug's a several-generation deep Cardinals fan). His dad actually advised him NOT to go there for the honeymoon because he was supposed to focus on me not baseball - but I wanted to go too, so we went :)

We spent the next several years focused on careers but in 2010 had the opportunity to visit both Alaska and San Antonio Texas. Both were excellent trips and it is hard to share just one photo from each!


In 2013 life changed forever when our son Koen was born. I had a challenging pregnancy spending 4 months on bed rest with half of that in the hospital. He's a miracle baby and we've loved watching him grow so far (the picture on the right is from last fall). The issues that I dealt with during that pregnancy would likely happen again in the future so we decided that Koen will be our only biological child. So far the desire to adopt has not been strong (one's enough for this momma right now!!) but we love the idea of fostering and/or adopting and admire those that choose that route.


There's oodles more I could share but not enough time to sit and type it out. We've had a swirl of changing circumstances in our lives and through it all we've been the constant for each other. Marriage isn't easy but totally worth the commitment. If you're married I highly recommend checking out the resources on our page Our Gift to You - there's NO WAY Doug and I would still be together today without some of these resources!

...my next blog will be right around the corner because we're planning our first real trip since Koen's birth: Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks!!

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