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Full time music making is a dream come true but certainly an adventure! If you love what we do and want to contribute, please donate using the link below. This is a business full of expenses and your generosity helps fuel our minivan and our creativity!

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Recent News


Fall has been a blast! We spent a week in Goshen recording with Ted - this time with Donna as executive producer and a new friend Toby Hazlett playing bass. We got cozy in Nate Butler's studio (under a coffee shop, how cool is that!?) and recorded together as a group (vs. layering parts individually). We are SO PROUD of this project and can't wait for you to hear it! Order your copy now on Ted's website. The official release is January 3, 2020.

(photo credit: Leaha Bee Photography)

This project has opened our eyes and hearts collectively to what we can all do together. Not long after recording we decided to join forces with an open end and see where the music takes us with more time playing together. The only thing more exciting than joining the Yoders is knowing that they're just as stoked and hearing how much the fans enjoy us as a trio.


The crazy pace of 2019 continues (and we're ok with that)!
June and July were filled with performances (like this one in Evart, Michigan) and a wonderful trip to Colorado to visit friends, pick up the new heirloom dulcimer, play a show, and shoot a killer music video! This new dulcimer is a one-of-a-kind gem and it just looks like there's fire caught inside it! The front and several other pieces are all the family walnut!

(photo credit: Chrissy Grace Photography)

August included trips to Mississippi/Tennessee (Doug accompanied Ted), Dallas Texas to purchase a new-to-us minivan, and then we rolled right into September with Sarah taking a personal trip to Yellowstone then flying home and taking off with the family for the northeast states for a 2 week tour with Ted. We played at churches, a speak-easy style restaurant, and even a cemetery! (honesty it was very lively!) As soon as we returned it was time for more shows with Ted and several days of rehearsing new music for his next album. We're both headed back into the studio with him at the end of October so stay tuned!



Wow have the last two months been a whirlwind of fun! In March we hosted Ted Yoder at our church for an incredible concert featuring music from his upcoming album "Feels Like Home" (to be released this summer). A few days later we went to Chicago to record a top secret song for the album. Ironically the studio day marked the one year anniversary of Sarah's father passing away - it was a breathtaking redemption to have time in the studio on the instrument that he helped us get on a day that could have otherwise been awful! Donna (Ted's wife) captured these great images, one with a rainbow!
(photo credit: Donna Yoder)

We had a ton of fun getting to know Ted's friend and sound engineer Nate Butler (Nimble Wit Productions). Then we had even more fun the following month going back so that Doug could record percussion with double-bass extraordinaire Ranaan Meyer (Time for Three). The two of them even played live on Facebook for Ted's fans!

We are booking as many performances as possible and hoping to meet many new precious people along the way. Just a couple weeks ago we came head-to-head with a decision we knew was coming: Doug's schedule started conflicting with performances and he would be taking a new position that required no time off for several weeks - we'd either have to decline performance opportunities or give up the job...he gave up the job and resigned on the 12th! While he will likely be working part-time somewhere that's more flexible with hours, we plan to prioritize our time around the music from now on. This is a huge leap of faith and we hope you'll join us as we play more around the area and plan some long-distance tours - Contact us to schedule a house concert or recommend a venue!

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