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Rhythmwood Drive is featured on Ted Yoder's albums Feels Like Home and Lean In - the first two albums in his ongoing 4-in-2 Project. Click here for album information.

Doug is an endorsing artist and authorized dealer of Natural Acoustics Lab shakers & lap snares! These have been coined "the iPhone of shakers" and they are a MUST HAVE for everything from jam sessions to studio time! Shakers and lap snares are available at most live events but you may also send an email to ask about purchasing online. Shakers are $25 & $30 and lap snares are roughly $250 - $300 depending on the wood type. Doug would love to help you choose the perfect fit!

(lap snare by Natural Acoustics Lab)


Don't have time to watch all the videos right now? Here's a one-minute teaser!
**Videos uploaded prior to June 2019 will reference Resonate150 instead of Rhythmwood Drive


Our friend Ted Yoder recently invited us to join in his cover of Toto's Africa. We all went out to a beautiful cow pasture (you read that right) in Colorado and his wife Donna did the videography and captured the shenanigans - enjoy!