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Wow have we really been on a journey lately!! - In less than 4 years we went from Sarah playing solo in the local ice cream shop for tips to Doug walking away from corporate America and going all-in with music. We've won contests, gained two instrument endorsements, and get to daily live a dream come true by backing one of the world's best musicians and awesome human being Ted Yoder. Three albums and countless friendships later we're moving forward with a vision to create and share positive life-giving music that kicks butt.

From Sarah: This third trip to the studio in May was eye-opening. I gave it all I had and I'm proud of it - but I was maxed out. The guys involved in this band deserve a higher level of skill and creativity from me than what I'm putting out right now and I'm on a sprint to make my best better - for them, for the fans, and because this killer music requires it. So I've invested in coaching from a percussive master and cutting-edge innovator in these days of COVID and online musical independence from academia: Simon Boyar. He's guiding me through a crash-course in creativity and marimba mastery so that what's in my heart can be expressed well on the instrument. I'm opening subscriptions so that those interested can have a close-up experience with the process I'm going through and hear the progress I'm making as it's happening. The money will help pay for Simon's coaching, for basic life/business expenses, and for financial peace while we're creating. Doug's content will be included too as he writes new songs! The past couple of years he's started writing as a singer-songwriter on guitar and has a James Taylor sound. We'll let you in on that too! We love you whether you subscribe or not, but money is a fuel that helps our music and message burn brighter :)

The people inspiring us to be better - our brilliant friends (from bottom left): Donna, Ted, Nate, and Toby


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